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Cult of Individuality Celebrates The 1

Cult of Individuality, the sickest denim brand ever, celebrated the debut of THE 1, an original art installation of Hisham Bharoocha and honoring fashions most influential.

Held at The Studios in Tribeca Grand, honorees included Dani Stahl, Idil Tabanca, Kate Lanphear, Martha Violante, Miguel Enamorado, Noah Callahan Bever, Peter Davis and Zanna Roberts Rassi. 

Pocketbook ornament

Dani Stahl

My NYC princess

Duncan Breakstone, Brian Ermanski

Duncan Breakstone, Marissa Montgomery

Gretchen Jones and Phil Oh having a blast

Idil Tabanca and Cult Leader Ron Poisson

Miguel Enamorado, Dani Stahl, Ron Poisson, Hisham Bharoocha, Jennifer Gonzalez, Kate Lanphear

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